My SSL price hunt, what’s on the market.

Edited on 2014-10-20. I use this post to keep track of where to get SSL certificates when i need them, thought i should share this stuff and save people some time looking for cheap SSL certificates

I also changed the title of this post from “workaround to no godaddy promo code works for ssl” to “My SSL price hunt, what’s on the market”. because godaddy and his resellers are no longer the no brainer choice, Hence i am looking for something else. I changed the title even before looking, but let’s see how it goes, i will also keep this page updated every time i look for SSL deals.

Irrelevant to most: Today i am not only looking for any SSL supported by many browsers, i am looking for a certificate that works with PolarSSL and openssl since communication is going to be done through lib cURL.

Note: If you buy the certificate for 1 year, you can use the promo code 3.88DEAL to get the ssl for $3.88, this coupon was valid on 3 December 2014.

I will look no further, i found SSL certificates as cheap as $4 at, i am not affiliated with them, i do not know who they are, and i am not making any money out of you buying this certificate, It is just honest advice. is namecheap, their paypal payment address on the time of this post is (You sent a payment of $3.88 USD to UnifiedRegistrar (

The older post from 2013 recommended using a godaddy reseller ( since godaddy SSL coupons are no longer a good enough discount to go below 28.99, one year after, i am redoing the investigation.

Again, this is where i keep record of what is available on the market for proper SSL certificates, this is not an exhaustive study, If you know of anything cheaper, please let me know.

Reminders and state of affairs.

– Free – startssl provides free SSL certificates, but the certificate will have to bear my personal details (Emailing passport, and other identification ), when this is a company, I don’t want my name on it especially if this is a client, the idea is cool, but unfortunately, only suitable for personal use.

– $29 – Godaddy’s $69 certificate has coupons on the internet, best of which gives around 40% off, this makes the certificate cost around $41.4, still more expensive that the reseller ( ) so godaddy certificates are still, when baught from a reseller priced at $29

– $4 – Commodo certificates can be bought from any reseller for $4 (try ssls, they are a reseller of this).
Older post from 2013-11-4
So it seems there are no working promo codes available for godaddy. i am not coming to this as a conclusion, i actually made an affiliate account and went in to take a look at the available promo codes. Nothing for SSL that can take you under $28.

the best deal i found was 32% off which is still not cheap

So, the solution for me was to get the SSL certificate from a godaddy reseller for $29. i got mine through this link… while godaddy puts up new promo codes for SSL


Happy savings

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