Dynamic Round Robbin DNS (DDNS with round robin support)

We have just developed an application in-house for Dynamic DNS with round robin (for our own “validation through IP” purposes) that functions as a dynamic DNS with round robin features.

We could make this application public if it gets enough attention and is of use to many people.

The application is fully functional at the minute, but if it gets attention, we can improve the user interface, and make it public.

The Dynamic DNS with round robin support takes into account that connections that have not contacted for update should be removed from the round robin record.

* Username and password verification
* modifiable ttl in sync with frequency of IP checks
* Almost infinatly Scalable system.
* PHP client, easy to create any other client. PHP update script can run as cron job.
* remove frm list when no update requests is received for a user set amount of time, return to list once an update request is sent again
* Super fast
* For multi homed links, the password per hostname (not per zone) eliminates the risk of an update request through a different eithernet adapter that is the main link of another machine.
* Security through MD5 sums that change with the IP change (Your passwords are never transmitted during an update)
* if 2 machines are using the same IP address, the anti_duplicate_valuesarray will limit the round robin records to that value only once.
* the dead record currently only dissapear when a different IP changes, 2DO: change must reflect when another updates !

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