Flash sticks speed tests and use with MySQL

So i need a few SSDs for a certain project that i will be starting in a few months, but before i shell some money into SSDs while i have so many SSDs and USB flash drives, I want to try and replace the SATA SSDs with USB flash sticks and see how it goes, if all goes well, i will be using the FLASH sticks in place of the SSDs and take the SSDs into my new project.

What i will be testing later on is

1- Speed

2- Reliability (They will write once read millions of times on this MySql server).

But first, i took out all my flash sticks, and decided to run speed tests on them (With the DD command).

Most of the candidate sticks are USB3, but one of the host machines does not have USB3 ports, so i will test every stick on USB2 and USB3 before i use them.

So, basically, the test results are as follows. Even when the data transfer rate does not exceed the USB2 specification, the USB 3 sticks function better on a USB port.

Please note that USB flash disks do not have wear leveling functionality, they are only for that tables that are not written into often (but read many times)

I will be installing the USB 3 drives on the production machines now and I will report any failures caused by the USB flash disks.

For SD cards, i used the USB reader (FOR MRG1 31123-004. A001F 121412 5V CHINA)

Short Name Size Speed Read USB 2 Speed Write USB2 Speed Read USB 3 Speed Write USB3
Lexar Korea – LJDS33-64G 100-104 B 33800-64GBA 1813SV:05dc P:a833 S33 64G 64G 35.17 19.30 U3 106.89 U3 26.11
Lexar OrangeV:05dc P:a205 32G 32.60 19.10 U3 43.37 U3 24.55
Lexar 32GB Class 10 8296952A SD card with our card readercard reader V:05e3 P:0736 32G 17.48 9.98 SD 18.85 SD 11.38
V:05dc P:a205 16G 32.60 15.47 U3 43.39 U3 17.27
SanDisk 16GB Cruzer Blade V:0781 P:5567 16G 20.68 6.77 21.53 7.58
Lexar (Orange) V:05dc P:a833 8G U3 93.07 U3 8.99
Lexar (Blue) V:05dc P:a205 8G 32.60 10.84 U3 42.41 U3 10.99
Lexar S70 V:05dc P:a202 17.90 5.73 17.97 5.23
Old lexar V:05dc P:c75a (Stick 142) 8G 20.37 4.53 21.11 4.69
Sony 8GB Class 10 cardcard reader 8G 18.73 7.57 19.23 7.30


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