Alliance ProMotion 6410

One little problem about modern VGA cards is HEAT, they consume over 30W on IDLE, those 30 watts are going into the case, so i looked into my old computers, and found a computer that dates back to 1995-1996, I pulled out the VGA card from it, and installed it on a modern I3 computer for testing pending the installation on an I7 with 64GB of ram and what have you.

On ebay, you can find such PCI cards for around $10, Cirrus Logic, SIS, ATI, OR S3, they should all work, if the promotion card works, those should work too.

Now i ran the Debian Jessie installer, the installation went fine, when rebooting, the system boots with the PCI card, but then switches to the embedded graphics system (Comes with the I3 CPU), the BIOS does not allow me to disable that, so, rather than looking for a solution, I will test the adapter on an I7 (Does not come with built in VGA).

I have a good feeling that it will work right away, here is some information about my 20 year old graphics card (Will post some photos too when i plug it out)

    Made by: Alliance
    Codename: ProMotion 6410
    Bus: PCI
    Memory Size: 1MB
    Max Memory Size: 4MB
    Memory Type: FPM
    Year: 1995
    Card Type: VGA
    Made in: USA
    Owned by: Palcal
    Outputs: 15 pin D-sub
    Power consumption (W): 1.5
    Video Acceleration: MPEG-1 (VCD)
    Core: 64bit
    Memory Bandwidth (MB/s): 213
    Sold by: miro
    Press info: Freelibrary

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