Gnome terminal tab title

To tell tabs apart fast, you can give every terminal tab a name, just execute the following line inside that terminal window

echo -ne "\033]0;SOME TITLE HERE\007"

I am doing this on the default gnome terminal in Debian 11 (Bullseye), older methods no longer work

You will have to execute this every time in every SSH window to a remote machine, I am looking into a way to making the name permanent !

WINSCP for linux !

An application for windows that i wantin Linux is WINSCP, but it seems the author of WINSCP says (on his forum) that ” Sorry, there’s no chance for that.”

In any case, i have no doubts there are hundreds of applications that can do the Job, in fact the file browser that comes with your gnome or KDE already opens FTP and SFTP and SCP connections, so you need to look no further.

There are also applications that can mount a remote file system that is run on SSH, xxx is one such software

But truth be told since the days of Norton commander, i have always liked the two window view that winSCP is similar to.

So in this post, i will add screenshots of the applications similar to WINSCP, i will try both krusader and filezilla (Yes, filezilla does support)

apt-get update


apt-get install krusader filezilla

With Krusader, it is a good idea to install 
apt-get install kdiff3 kompare xxdiff krename rar unrar zip

Another software to be tested would be snowflake, confusingly it is being renamed to muon, which is already the name of a package manager for debian !, in any case, installing snowflake is as simple as downloading the deb file then installing it


then install it

dpkg -i snowflake-1.0.4-setup-amd64.deb

Worth noting that on my 4K display which has a 200% setting, snowflake is not usable, the font is so small, and clicking on something is a challenge, so to work around this while the maintainers fix this for people who have settings like mine, i run snowflake from the terminal with

java -Dsun.java2d.uiScale=2.5 -jar /opt/snowflake/snowflake.jar

And now we have both, on my computer which is a fresh install, krusader was a 90MB download, in your case, it is probably much less because most of the things downloaded are libraries you probably already have.

in any case, let me take those screenshots of WINSCP’s alternatives and get back to this post